The Monterey Jazz Festival (MJF) engaged my team to conduct a year-long market research survey to better understand the MJF audience, with an emphasis on existing and potential patrons aged 45 or younger.

The study objectives included a review of MJF activities and benefits valued by current members and an evaluation of perceptions that impede attendance by the target audience.   This study provided the basis for recommendations to design and implement a marketing strategy and expand community engagement with MJF. 

  • Planned and managed community outreach project
  • Designed mixed method data collection including surveys, focus groups and individual interviews
  • Led 36 member team to collect 370 individual surveys over two-day period and an additional 976 survey responses generated via online platform
  • Conducted more than 20 interviews and 3 focus groups with three team members.
  • Conducted market assessment to evaluate demographics for current and prospective MJF audience
  • Presented final report with actionable strategy to increase the appeal of MJF to music lovers under 45 years of age and to increase the diversity of the audience.

Project Details

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