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The Business Catalyst Program

Building a stronger, more aligned business 



Do you frequently feel overwhelmed or stuck on how to move your business forward?

Can't break that 6-figure revenue goal?

Stuck in low 6-figure revenue and don't know how to hit consistent growth?

Whether you’re having trouble connecting with your ideal audience or you’ve hit a plateau, the Business Catalyst Program is designed to reenergize your business and eliminate friction points.


The Results

With our 4-week Business Catalyst Program, gain quick results and fresh momentum to push your business forward. We’ll help you:

Cut out hours of tasks each week through automating and creating system

Connect with your ideal clients — through your mission, your vision, and your values

Imagine or re-imagine your services in a post-pandemic world

Finesse daily operations with intuitive templates and streamlined systems

Identify your core audiences and crafting new strategies to connect with them

Discover a new business normal — one where you’re able to scale without working more hours


Who We Serve

The Business Catalyst Program is right for you if…

Drawing from client experience and in-depth research, we share tactics and methods needed to compete in evolving markets.


How It Works

The Business Catalyst Program is a supportive blend of coaching and consulting strategies.

Over four 60-minute 1:1 sessions, gain insightful tactics and a cohesive roadmap to move forward in your business — with ease, freedom, and abundance.

Week One

Find business alignment

Week Two

Build intuitive operations

Week Three

Communicate your vision

Week Four

Activate your marketing

Ready to get started?


Meet Your Team

About Alexandra

As a small business owner herself, Alexandra N. Cohen is passionate about helping other founders, entrepreneurs, and small business owners articulate their vision, build intuitive workflows, and develop marketing strategies that connect and convert.

When you join Alex’s Business Catalyst Program, you’ll gain a supportive partner — one deeply committed to your personal and professional success.  

Schedule Your Intro Call

Before committing to the Business Catalyst Program, schedule an intro call to meet Alex and ask as many questions as you would like.

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