Non-governmental Organization

Patriots Ghana was formed as an NGO to mobilize support in the wider Ghana community to provide opportunities to underserved communities in the areas of education, economic empowerment, public health and anti-child trafficking.

Focusing on their microloan project providing funding and financial literacy training for women in agricultural businesses in a nearby rural community, Patriots Ghana sought a project evaluation to determine the effectiveness of this project over the last 5 year term, and to develop a strategic plan for the future of their microfinance project. 

  • Conducted evaluation for NGO’s microfinance loan project providing microloans and financial literacy training for women in a rural agricultural community, including stakeholder interviews and field visits
  • Designed M&E plan for microfinance program
  • Developed budget for financial literacy training program and secured funding
  • Designed an expanded financial literacy training program to build skills for women business owners
  • Provided support for fundraising activities, including identifying funding sources, drafting grant application, creating budget and revenue/expense projections
  • Developed strategic plan for microfinance and social enterprise projects

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